Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oww. My nose hurts....

I went to my primary care dr. b/c I had a spot on my nose that reminded me waaay too much of the first skin cancer way back when.....She referred me to a derm doctor for an appt. this morning. Good news: he didn't think that any of the freckles/moles on my arms, etc. were necessary of biopsy. Also good, although he wanted to biopsy two sites on my nose (bad), he thought that, if they were anything, it would be basal cell (the kind they can just remove and you're done).

So he took the two biopsies and, although he told me they would be very tiny when they're healed, at the moment I have stiches in and band-aids over, and am not having too happy a day....I have to go back in a week to get the stitches out. No sparring at karate until then.

And here's the real worst part: he was 45 minutes late to see me, after I was 10 minutes early for the appt and.........I didn't read. I hadn't thought to bring anything, and his waiting room had nothing but ads and info brochures for Botox and other junk. It was horrible!!!!!!!!

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