Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Adventures in homeschooling PB

PB (age 3 3/4) has started "officially" homeschooling this year. She takes this pretty seriously, and keeps bringing me workbooks so that she can "do schoolwork". So this morning we sat down together to do a few pages:

Directions: circle all the musical instruments
me: "Great! You circled the flute, the tuba and drum. You also circled these things. What are they?"
PB: "That's a pot. You bang on it with the spoon."

And, a few pages later:

Directions: circle the one item that doesn't belong. PB gets stumped on the first line, which shows four different types of glasses and then a bowl. I'm surprised because she's done several of these types of problems with me recently and usually understands them very quickly. She keeps pointing to one particular glass (which is fancier and taller than the others), rather than the bowl. When I ask her to explain, she tells me, "this one is glass, so you can't drink from it. It might break". While I'm having a quick chuckle over this, she immediately continues on to the next three questions and chooses the correct one.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Who's on First (in French)

Chana: "Can we go to the library?"
Me: "Mais oui"
Chana: sigh "MAY WE go to the library?"
Me" "Mais oui"!

after birth....

No, I don't mean the placenta, etc. I just have to say that it's awful hard to write about anything mundane after writing about such an incredible experience as giving birth....Parmesan crackers, etc. just seem even more banal than usual.....