Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ilana wins!

Scene: our schoolroom

Personae: Ilana and me

Me: "Ilana, do you need to make?"
Ilana: "Yeeeees"

She takes off and runs to the bathroom doing a loping, side-to-side Snoopy-Dance kind of thing. She enters the bathroom with her arms held high, triumphantly yelling, "I win! I win!"

PB's View of Politics

Last month, we were (like everyone else!) talking a lot about political primaries. PB age 5) got into it, too, asking about the primaries in Florida (where we had just come back from) and Massachusetts (where we live).

PB: "Wow. You mean they're running in Florida *and* Massachusetts?"

Me: "Yes, and there are several other states also having primaries on the same day"

PB: "But they're going to RUN from Florida to Massachusetts?!?!?!"

(I evidently did a decent job explaining how far it was from FL to MA!)