Thursday, August 30, 2007


Mazal tov to my old "Penn friends", Miriam and Andy, on the birth of twin baby boys last night! PB, Ilana and I went over and hung out with them on Sunday, so it was quite the honor to see her "almost ready".

And now I have an old friend with the same number of kids as me! (That was how she told me she was pregnant. Said she was "catching up". Took me a minute to get the drift).

Rosh Hashanah Soaps

Man, I am having a blast with these!
Tonight, I showed Chana and Leah how to do the icing in top of the "honey cake". It's so fun (and now they know how to do icing on a real cake, too!).

We are getting a LOT of orders. Which is really neat and also kind of scary. People are forwarding my email, and that is so great. And it's great to get orders from people we have no connection to. And I just need to stop hyperventilating about it.


That's Ilana's favorite word these days. As in:

(me, from front seat of car), "Ilana, honey, stay awake. We're almost home! Are you awake?"

(little voice): "No!"

OR....Ilana reaches for the plum on the counter. "Oh, do you want a plum?"
Ilana reaches, takes, puts plum in mouth. "No"

She's a riot this kid, I tell you!


Gosh dang it, I will.....

Let's see if the power of positive thinking works.