Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Diet Log

We're going away for Shabbat to NY. We'll stay with my wonderful cousin and her family in Lawrence. We LOVE staying with them. On Sunday, if the predicted storm isn't too bad, we'll head to NJ for Sam's company's office party.

Anyway, as Jen and I were discussing menus for this weekend, she said, "well, just tell me what you would make". And I hit a total blank wall! So it seemed to me that it would be good to keep track for a while of what we eat around here.

Breakfast today: banana smoothie
---apple with peanut butter

Lunch (on the road between piano lessons and an appointment): smoked cheddar cheese
--sliced apples

Dinner: Cheese enchilada stuffed with white beans, lettuce and tomato

I forget the snacks, but that's at least a start....

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