Friday, June 08, 2007

One Year on the SC Diet

Look at that cutie! SO strong.

Able to resist birthday cake and cold cereal with milk.

Able to overcome urges for cookies and pasta.

Able to find the good in this difficult diet.

Able to make grain-free, sugar-free, mandel bread (with Uncle Frank's help) that tastes so good that *everyone* wants to eat it.

Able to make it through blood draws, medical procedures, general anesthesia, and hospitalization.

Able to make it through prednisone's totally nasty side-effects.

Able to keep up with karate through it all and be on track to be a black belt before her bat mitzvah.

Able to keep up with gymnastics prep team practice so that she's on track to join the official team in the Fall.

Able to be a great daughter, sister and friend.

Way to go, Chana. Enjoy your pierced ears! (And, no, you are not getting a laptop for staying on the diet for two years....)


Juggling Frogs said...

Way to go, Chana! I can see your cape blowing in the breeze!

You are AWESOME! We are SO proud of you!

All the best,
An (army? colony? knot?) of Juggled Frogs in Boston...

crunchygranolamom said...

way to go chana! that was beautiful(thank you crunchy granola mom), the peirced ears look fabulous. keep up the good work!

crunchygranolamom said...

Umm, speaking as the real "crunchygranolamom", I would like to say that that WASN'T me who wrote the previous comment (darn shared computer)

uberimma said...

Wow, does Chana ever look like an amalgam of you and Sam...