Thursday, June 21, 2007

Food to pack to go away for three glorious days and two fabulous nights

Here's my list for our trip to Cousin Henry's bar mitzvah in NJ:

SCD things that everyone can eat:
--eggplant parm
--panfriend artichokes
--hard boiled eggs
--israeli salad
--tomato and cheese salad (dice tomato and cheddar cheese. Top with dried basil, olive oil and sal and pepper)
--cheddar cheese "crackers" (see one of my earliest posts, if so desired)
--mini mushroom quiches made in muffin tins (this is supposed to make it "lunch like" and possible to eat in the car. Yeah, right....
--grape juice
--fruit, carrots, salad
--apple crisp (apples, butter, noey, ginger and cinnamon)

SCD things with nuts (i.e. not for PB, Ilana or me [b/c I'm nursing a child who could also have a nut allergy]):
--peanut butter muffins
--Lara bars
--mandel bread made with almond flour and honey
--plain peanut butter, esp. for on apples or straight-up, mixed with honey

Non-SCD things (i.e. not for Chana):
--breakfast bars from Trader Joe's

Umm, can I just say, " WE'RE GONNA STARVE!!!!!!!"

Off to continue cooking.....

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Juggling Frogs said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Packing alone sends me into a to-do-list frenzy.

What are you going to eat at the simcha? Is there a kosher-vegetarian-SCD-child-friendly option?

Have a fantastic trip, mazal tov on your cousin's bar mitzvah, and 'Oh my goodness'.