Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A.C. Moore (or maybe not)

What an odd evening! It started when I took Chana, PB and Ilana to the craft-supply store after we dropped Batsheva and Leah off at karate. There were a few things on sale I wanted to buy, especially t-shirts and transfer paper so that I could make us "4 Sisters Soaps" t-shirts. I found most of the things I was looking for, but none of the t-shirt supplies seemed to be on sale. Before checking out, I asked to see the sale circular, and was told that there wasn't one this week. I pulled my 40% off coupon out of my pocket and read the date on it. Valid! Then I noticed it was for A.C. Moore and we were in Michael's (still transferable, btw). This explains my grumbling about how I can "never find what's in the circular when I'm in this store". I guess I make this mistake rather a lot.

So we left Michael's with our purchases (sans t-shirt stuff) and I noticed it was 30 minutes past PB's bedtime, and 30 minutes before we needed to pick up the other girls at karate. Hmm....What to do....30 minutes wasn't enough time for me to get home, put PB to bed and get to karate on time for pickup (plus Chana hates being babysitter at night), so I suggested we go to A.C. Moore. The kids were happy to comply ("ooh, let's buy more goodies!").

I drove into a shopping strip mall and looked to where the store was. At least, where *I thought* the store was. The store that's really there is A.J. Wright (mild dyslexia regarding stores with two initials in them. Probably not a reimbursable condition from Blue Cross....)

I thought a minute and decided it must be in the THIRD mall that's within two miles of my house (have I mentioned I love my location? We live across the street from a beautiful 25-acre pond with tons of birds and wildlife, yet only two miles from every store you could want [as long as you can remember which one is where!).

We did, finally, find A.C. Moore and get t-shirt stuff. But I'm much too tired to try to actually do anything with what we purchased!


Juggling Frogs said...

You have all of those stores nearby? When I started reading your post, I thought you had trekked all the way to Natick/Framingham. I've only seen the pond!

That's it. A playdate at your craft-store laden mall must be planned. I think you're closer to me than Natick/Framingham area, too!

Or, even better, you could come here (in two weeks, when school lets out) and use my gocco machine for the shirts. It works best if we only use one color, but it's fun and easy and doesn't cause as much frustration as those iron-on transfers do.

We could BLOG the experience, or at least the shirts! (Would that make it a playdate or a blogdate or just fun?)

crunchygranolamom said...

I love your thinking!!!!!! It's a date! (Now I've just got to Google to find out what a Gocco Machine is!)

(And lots of folks from your neck of the woods come near me to shop b/c it's MUCH closer than Natick, etc)