Monday, September 01, 2008

nose update

I'm doing fine. The surgery was on Friday and went as well as could be expected. Unfortunately, the second biopsy they took the previous week also came back as basal cell, so they needed to remove spots from two places on my nose. However, they only needed to do each spot once before the lab report came back "all clear". The dr. spent quite a lot of time figuring out how best to stitch me up so that I would have the least noticeable scars. So I have 25 stitches in my nose, but, in the long term, that should be helpful :)

The worst of the post-op shenanigans are over now (for the first 48 hours I wasn't allowed to look down or turn my head. Now THAT was annoying to deal with. Until Friday, when the stitches come out, I can't bend or lift anything, which compared with not bending, lifting, or turning my head, seems much easier to cope with!). Thankfully, Sam is working at home this week, so I keep asking him to help me lift stuff (hard to make soap when I can't life the mini-iceberg of soap base that I need to chop up!).


uberimma said...

Glad it's all clear. And like I said, I never noticed scar #1, so I don't think I'll notice this one either! Though it's hard to imagine fitting 25 stitches on _anyone's_

Miryam said...

refuah shlaima. Glad it was clear.