Monday, September 15, 2008

Brushing Ilana's Teeth

That's been a fairly big struggle since she's gotten teeth. We sing songs, play games, act silly. Mostly, though, I do all those things while I put her in a headlock and go to work....Recently, she's started letting me floss her teeth, which, according to some, is more important than brushing anyway, so we'll hope for the dental best.

Me: "Before we read another story, it's time to brush your teeth"
Ilana (almost 2 1/2): "Don' wan' brush teeth! I don' have teeth!!!!!!"


Abby said...

I tried to get Ezzy to let me brush his teeth by telling him to go "grrr" like a scary animal.

"No. No wanna go grr. No like it grr. No brush it teeth!"

Shalom Shachne said...

they'd be best friends if you still lived here!!!!!!