Sunday, May 20, 2007

One small step for giant step for....well, Ilana.

On Shabbat, Ilana took one teensy tinsy very wobbly little step. Chana and I, of course, flipped out and she fell down BOOM while smiling. Our wonderful friend Janet who was here for Shabbat with her husband, Mark, is our witness that the historic event really did take place :)

B'sha'ah tova to Janet (CLKL--remember her?), who is due with her first in about 3 weeks! SO neat!


clkl said...

Mazal tov! Go Ilana! Time to move the childproofing threshhold one foot higher!

B'Shaa tova to Janet!! (So cool!) Does she have a blog? Can I go say so on her blog, too?!

Wishing you and the whole (walking!) family a chag sameach,

All the best,

prof said...

chana tova a tous!
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