Sunday, November 26, 2006

Who's on First (Part II)

While Ilana (7.5 months) is on the potty (see future post about Elimination Communication), I give her an empty toilet paper tube to play with. I hold it to my mouth and say "toot toot". She looks SO intently at me, then, when I give it to her, she holds it to her mouth and makes a noise. Genius! Then she tries to eat the darn thing, because she is, after all, only 7.5 months old and that's her primary way of exploring things.

Ilana is still hanging on to the tube as I bring her back into my bedroom to get her pants on. Chana is on my bed doing schoolwork.

me: "Hey, Chana, look! Ilana's got a 'tooter'!"
Chana, who recently finished being a beta tester for an online tutoring service, looks VERY confused. "A TUTOR?!"
me: "Yes, a tooter."
Chana: "Why does she need a tutor?"
me, confusedly: "Umm, because it's fun?"
Chana: "But WHO is her tutor?"

Finally, I understand what she's thinking and show her the tube Ilana is holding :)

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