Thursday, November 30, 2006

Holiday lists

me: "Savta called and she wants to know what's on everyone's Chanukah list this year"

PB puts her head in her hands and starts to wail: "I can't write! So I can't make a list! So I can't get any presents. WAAAAAH!"

(Penina, spends MUCH time "pre-writing", and this is the first that I've heard her [or any of our kids at similar ages] say something that implies that they know what they write is not generally understood. Very interesting!)


clkl said...
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clkl said...


I didn't even know you had a blog! This makes me so happy - that can get a "crunchy granola fix" 24/6!!

Everyone looks great! These pictures remind me of my favorite magazine-modeling family; perhaps you know them?

By the way, what great shirts!

Happy, happy hanukka to everyone!

All the best,

clkl said...

Found it and more at cafepress!