Friday, April 04, 2008

Making Challah

So Chana has a few things that none of the rest of us eat around here b/c it's just too hard for her. Challah is one of those things. So for Shabbat during most of the year we eat matza. Except now that it is the Hebrew month of Nissan and we are not allowed to eat matza until Pesach begins in a few weeks.

So now, two weeks before Pesach, I had to go out to buy flour and yeast. But not just any flour. I had to get 100% whole wheat so that, although we non-SCD'ers would be eating challah, it wouldn't be "too good".

I've evidently totally forgotten how to cook challah in two years being an SCD family, so the dough came out terribly. It's 4 pm and it's not done yet. I am cranky!

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