Thursday, September 06, 2007


Anniversary! Wow--15 years! Really feels like nothing (which is how I always knew Sam was "the one").

We've "celebrated" (mostly by saying "Happy Anniversary" to each other and boring the children with stories from way back when we rode brontosauruses in to the ceremony) numerous times already this year. First there was the week that the parsha was Shoftim. Then the 8 of Elul. Then the day before Labor Day. By the time the 6th of September rolled around, it seemed like gilding the lily!

But that was before my mother called yesterdcay and asked it we'd like them to come and babysit tonight ("hell, yes, mom!") and before she sweetened the deal *this* morning by offering to cook dinner for the kids and bring it with her (double "hell, yes"!). By the time she arrived, she was so pooped from so much cooking that we took pity on them and took Ilana with us for a rocking dinner in brookline (she was actually a lot of fun).


Juggling Frogs said...

Happy, happy anniversary!!

Y'all had brontosauruses?

1. Did the rest of the wedding party tie cans to their tails?

2. We just celebrated our 20th, so we only had trilobites to ride so our feet got wet...

3. You're showing your age because now they're called "Apatosauruses" now!

Have a fantastic anniversary!

Shabbat Shalom,
All the best,

crunchygranolamom said...

"Apatosaurus"?! REALLY?! I had no idea. I think that, along with my age, I'm showing that none of my kids ever got dino-crazed!

Happy 20th to you! Were you "the day before Labor Day" as well?