Friday, January 05, 2007

The kitchen (before)

We've known since the first time we stepped foot in our house that the kitchen needed to be redone. Despite being quite large, it had almost no counter space or cabinets, and the ones that were there were chipped, cracked, and didn't line up or close well. Did I mention the kitchen was pretty ugly as well?

But we didn't get motivated to actually do it until Chana started on the SC diet (add two yogurt makers, a food dehydrator and pounds upon pounds of raw ingredients) and we added meat into our previously-vegetarian lives (add second set of dishes, pots, utensils, etc to kosher kitchen). That plus my father deciding that finding us a contractor was one of his part-time jobs for the summer (I think it turned more into a full-time job, but he was still a good sport about it, even when it got to the absurdity of him letting himself in to our house and meeting with contractors when I wasn't even home!)

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