Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Amelia Earhart's house

Batsheva, who is in 6th grade, has been working on a report on Amelia Earhart. Luckily, AE (as she is referred to in BH's report)spent three years living in the town next to us. So last night, BH and I went on a field trip.

One of the interesting things about coming back to live near where I grew up is being able to take a "grown-up" view of the area. I went to Jr. High just a few blocks from AE's house, but didn't even know it existed! The closest I got to AE was hearing that my friend Jodi and her family were friends with Muriel Morrissey, who was vaguely famous, but I never asked why. (I now know she was AE's beloved sister).

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