Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Crunchy Granola Mom
Some random thoughts:
--Ilana is now six months old! She got her first tooth on her six month birthday. We were in the sukkah and she was gnawing on Sam's hand when he yelled, "she's got a tooth!!!!". Which was vey surprising. Except when I remembered that Penina B. had been telling us that all day :)

And then, a week later, tooth #2 popped out right next to its sister.

Y'know, it's funny with babies. Companies now make all these hi-tech toothbrushing implements for kids who don't have any teeth. Mom that I am, I fall right in line and buy them. And then it's sort of an odd situation because I find myself saying things like, "let's brush your....gums!" and, a little later on, "let's brush your...tooth!". It's nice to not have to think much about the grammar any more and just say, "let's brush those teeth, kid!"

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