Friday, September 12, 2008

Way to go Yaldah mag!

Oh my goodness! I just read about Leah Larson and Yaldah magazine winning $10,000 (yes, that's the correct number of 0's!)! And they're in the running to win $100,000. I am just so impressed with this young woman's intelligence, business savvy and all-around neato-ness! Go, Leah!

For those of you reading this who only have boys :), Yaldah is a great magazine *for* Jewish girls and *by* Jewish girls. It's in its fourth year of publication and has kept to its publication schedule since its first issue (a major feat for any new mag, nevermind one run by a young teen). The only ad space 4 Sisters Soaps has ever taken out has been in Yaldah. Batsheva and Chana each were elected to the magazine's editorial board, and had a great year helping write and illustrate articles.

What I like best is that it's like American Girl, but with a spiritual angle, and written from a Jewish standpoint. How often do our girls get to feel mainstream? (well, if you live in Williamsburg, or some other Jewish enclave, maybe it's all the time), but for those of us out in the big, wide world, I think it's great for my girls, and all Jewish girls, to read articles written by other kids who daven, do mitzvot and dress in a tznius manner (my fave section is the one where they highlight modest clothes available at major clothing retailers for reasonable prices). if you don't already visit there!

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